About Me

I’m a software engineer living in Concord, Mass. I grew up in Lexington before heading out to school at the University of Michigan (go blue!) where I graduated in 1998 with degrees in computer science. After college, I spent time living in Tempe, Arizona and Alameda, California before moving back east.

Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies include travel, sports, both cooking and eating, movies, all sorts of games, including backgammon, poker, trivial pursuit, etc. My favorite board game is probably Taboo.

The most interesting book I read recently was The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. Here is a link to my shelfari profile for at least some of the other books I’ve read (or listened to) and found interesting.

My favorite movies include practically everything directed by Christopher Nolan or David Lynch, 12 Monkeys, Snatch, The Jerk, Shawshank Redemption, Primer, and Groundhog Day.


A few years ago I took some time off from work to travel, and I also wrote a children’s book. I don’t think it’s terribly good – could be, but needs a lot of work. I explored what it would take to get it published and decided that computer programming is way easier than publishing children’s literature.

I really enjoy writing, and have a handful of short stories and ideas that I work on from time to time.


I love both playing and watching sports. My favorites to play are tennis, basketball and soccer. I also enjoy mountain biking and snowboarding. In my 30s I started running a lot more, and have entered a few races (5-10k, a couple half marathons and a couple sprint triathlons). Lately I’ve been using that as my main way to keep in shape. I don’t normally love the solitary sports, but podcasts & audiobooks get me through the running and biking.

My favorite team (by far) to watch is Michigan football, but I also like Michigan basketball and hockey, the Patriots, and I have a mild interest in the other Boston teams. I’m just not that big of a fan of the NHL, MLB and NBA. I don’t have a favorite soccer team, but I love watching international soccer and try to watch as much World Cup, Euro Championships, etc. as I can. I also like watching the Rugby World Cup (having a couple friends who are really into it helps).

Blogs & Podcasts

My newsreader feed includes these blogs:
Wait But Why
Paul Graham’s Essays

In addition to reading MGoBlog, I listen to every MGoPodcast. I wish they did one every week, even in July when there’s nothing to talk about. I’m always searching for audio content. I currently listen to selections from Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, and most episodes of This American Life. I am totally addicted to their new long-form podcast, Serial.


I have a BS and MS in computer science, both from the University of Michigan. After school, I worked on web-based B2B apps for Motorola in Tempe, and then worked for Drake Kryterion, building educational/testing software. I currently work as a principal software engineer for Compete.com. I’m also a co-founder and technical advisor of iDealDigs.com, a directory & marketplace for listing and finding short-term rentals.