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Thailand 3 – Grand Palace

After Wat Pho we wandered over to The Grand Palace next door. Along the way we walked into the middle of a huge Red Party (pro-Thaksin) rally taking place just outside its gates. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pics. They let us walk right through the rally, and we only received friendly smiles along the way, but the scene was pretty intense, and we were a bit nervous until we popped out the other side.

After wading through that, and then past the usual scammers trying to tell us it was closed (for lunch, or for a Buddhist holiday, or whatever – and despite people clearly walking in and out at will) we made it inside The Grand Palace and took a look around.

It was around 90 degrees and very humid, so we only lasted a couple hours before giving up. We did discover the popular chilled coconut (they chill it and then cut it open for you and you drink the coconut water and eat the rest with a spoon) in the snack bar, which was awesome.

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